Heli skiing St. Anton, Zuers and Lech

Private bookings ONLY! No open groups

Only from Monday to Friday (no weekends)

If the helicopter can not fly we do a regular off piste day in St. Anton. In this case you only have to pay the price for the guiding.

A typical heli skiing day

  • Skiing from 9.00 to 15.15 
  • Depending on the take off time is some off piste skiing before or after
  • The skiing down after the heli flight is about 1100 vertical meters
  • If the helicopter can not fly we do a regular off piste day in St. Anton and you don’t have to pay the helicopter. In this case we charge the regular guiding fee starting from 360€
skiing below valluga
Heli skiing in St. Anton am Arlberg

500€ for one flight3 Persons fit in the Helicopter
++Additional the guiding fee
For three persons the total price is 1040€


We are interested in either doing an Off-piste day or the Heli skiing. I see the heli skiing goes from 9-515 with only 1 run in the helicopter I assume? Is there off piste skiing afterward or just 1 total run?

Yes that’s correct and there will be normal off piste before and after but we can’t say how much because it depends on the take off time from the helicopter and on that we have no influence.

With the off piste day how many runs are there typically? Is it hike access only or is the resort used to access the terrain?

We can’t say that, it depends all on the weather and snow conditions .

Also can you give me an idea of a typical itinerary for the day?

We meet at 9.00 in St. Anton usually we have Heli take off at about 11.00.So we are going over to Zürs and do on the way a safety briefing if we have enough time.
We will end up at about 13.00 in Zug where we usually have some lunch after that we are going back in combination with some off piste if it is still possible.