Private guide

Private Guiding St. Anton Arlberg

How we work

Your guide will identify your strengths and build on them, he’ll share his knowledge and decision making while you’re exploring the vast off piste terrain of St. Anton and the Arlberg area.

The ski guiding is designed and structured to improve your alpine skills and increase your allround mountain knowledge for avalanche safety.

We build up confidence and choose the appropriate terrain for you to learn new alpine skills with ease.

Guiding from 9.00 to 15.15

The skiing terrain on Rossfall St. Anton offers lot’s of possibilities. One of my favorite places to ski

We promise

  • Coaching in positive Environment 
  • Only Local UIAGM mountain and ski guides
  • We guide you safely to the best snow
  • We challenge you in the right terrain
  • Improve your alpine skills
  • Build up confidence in the off piste
  • We choose the right off piste terrain to suit your ability
  • Challenge you in the right terrain and improve your alpine skills and knowledge of the mountains.
family off piste
Family off piste skiing in Zürs

A typical off piste day

  • Skiing from 9.00 to 15.15 
  • Safety briefing
  • Warm up skiing
  • Little lunch break- We ski when you feel strong and we rest when you need a break.

Safety briefing and warm up

  • How to wear the avalanche transceiver
  • Switch transceiver to search mode
  • See how the direction arrow and distance number is reacting
  • Introduction from essential Guiding rules

Possibly wants

  • Ski in a group of friends
  • Realize a dream and ski the off piste from St. Anton to Zuers  (Lech) Valluga 2 – off piste guide needed
  • Family off piste guiding
  • Improve your off piste skiing
  • Ski from piste to powder and the best off piste runs around St. Anton, Stuben Lech and Zuers
  • Ski the endlessoff piste in St. Anton safe with an off piste guide
  • Developing your ski position further for increased balance and style
  • Read the snow and terrain to choose your perfect line in safety

Warm up skiing depending on your skiing skills weather and snow condition

  • The runs will be well chosen by the off piste guide depending on snow condition and group Level.