Mainvasen St. Anton

Exposure: South
Lift’s: Galzig
Distance: 3 km
Uphill: 0 vertical Meter
Downhill: 800 vertical Meter
Comment: Galzig is the best place on big powderday’s. In the Springtime sun effected.
Fitness: ❅ ❅
Technique: ❅ ❅
Adventure: ❅ ❅ ❅

Walk out from the Galizig gondola in the direction of St. Christiph.

Just below the Galizg station follow the big open slope skiers right of the big gully „Jungbrunn Tobel“.

Follow alway’s the flattest gap between the bushes.
At the altitude 1940 Meter traverse to the right in the big slope of the Mainvasen.
Where it‘s getting flat just above the road stay on the path back to St. Anton.


One of the best places to improve your skiing.
Off piste is pretty much always possible as long as you ski the safest lines.