Fritschi Tecton vs Marker Kingpin

MARKER Kingpin vs. Fritschi Tecton

This comparison is my personal opinion based on the experience what we had with the bindings.

Edit after season 17/18

I used the Tecton with the Faction Prime 2 Ski which is ideal combination for my job. The ski is 98mm wide at the waist.
I had one fall in medium speed with flat light where the Binding released perfectly (Binding setting 9) (un)fortunately :-) this was the only fall the entire season.

Edit 30.11

In the last days i did several tours around Innsbruck. The first impression from the Tecton was the right one. Lets give the Binding 9 out of 10.
The new toe part from the binding is very easy to handle and it is almost comfortable to get in the Tecton binding. The heel part from the Tecton puts all the power from the boot on the ski and looks very solid.

If I would search for a disadvantage, thats quite hard work: maybe the heel raiser flips froward if you put the binding in walking mode and if you do so the actual heel part moves very fast and powerful forward. But i guess thats just getting used to it and is actually not nescesary mention.

Is the Marker King pin still a good choice? 

To be honest the only advantage to the Tecton could be the wider ski stopper. But I haven’t skied skies wider than 115 mm with a Pin Binding because of wrong binding release in the toe part so even that is negligible.

In about 2 weeks we will get the Fritschi Tecton for tests on our new skis. My first impression on the Alpinmesse in Innsbruck was very good. The Tecton is just a tiny bit more heavy than the Vipec 12 but it seems that the heel part of the binding can bring much more power on the skis than any other touring binding. The boot in the Tecton remains fixed with power rails which goes in the back of the boot and prevents a loss of power.

But please stay tuned, I will know more in a couple of weeks.