Which touring binding is the best for me: Fritschi Vipec 12 vs Marker King Pin vs Marker Tour Test review

MARKER Kingpin vs. Fritschi Vipec12 vs. MARKER tour F12 EPF

This comparison is my personal opinion based on the experience what we had with the bindings.I skied all this bindings on different skis.
For heavy tall people which are motivated to explore more off piste i recommend the Marker King Pin.

If you are looking for a typical all round binding the Marker Tour is your choice.

If you are more than 2 weeks off piste, you are ready to have no limits and want a full safety binding, than the Fritschi Vipec 12 is your call.

All Bindings are very good they are just for different type of skiers.

King Pin 13 MARKER tour F12 EPF Fritschi Vipec 12
Downhill performance Very Good

High stand which makes the ski a little nervous

Very Good

Uphill performance Up to max 3 hours walking

Up to 2 hours walking, medium difficult walks

No Limits :-)

Safety Good releasing on the heel on safety din setting on the back part

A full safety Binding which is usable with any boot

Full safety Binding

Ski with up (below the Binding) to max. mm



Binding weight

1460 g / Pair

2180 g ( L) / pair

980 g / pair

Heel raiser

Works Good

The Heel raiser is below the binding it takes a little practice to get used to it. If there is lots of snow the heel raiser moves back to normal

Works good


Very stable for wide skis and heavy skiers :-)

For any skiing boot. I would recommend this Binding to clients where we walk up to Hochkar or Erlispitz. It is a very good compromise.

Very stable safety Binding and light. This Binding is my choice and the best compromise to all the other Pin Bindings


No Din setting at the front of the Binding. Ski boots with Pin inserts needed

For longer walk to heavy

To get in the Binding takes practice and you need a boot with Pin inserts