Fritschie Eagle 12 who is the user review and test

Fritschi eagle 12

Comfort is everything! If you are having just one pair of boots (without inserts) and you would like to do medium long tours the Fritschi eagle is your best binding.The Fritschi eagle is not a freeride binding. It is designed for medium long ski touring and for little piste skiing. The advantage to the Marker Tour is the better pivot point (for easier walking), the better handling of the heel lifter and a little bit less weight than the Marker frame bindings

Fritschi Eagle 12
Downhill performance OK
Uphill performance Better than Marker tour worse than Pin bindings
Safety Very good, if you are unlucky it is possible that your Heel locker is opening while you go down but i just experienced that in high speed.
Ski with up (below the Binding) to max. mm

95 mm

Binding weight

1880 g / Pair

Heel raiser

Works Good


Good compromise, walking oriented ski touring binding 



Relativ high Binding stand, and a little unstable in difficult terrain and snow