Ski test Movement Bond X- Series 2013 amazing weight, but how to ski?

xbondSki touring skis  in the last years were not so much fun to ski. They were skinny, unstable actually not as light as the should be and with more than 30 cm of fresh powder the ski performed like a “submarine”.

Last year i got one pair from the Movement X Series. I took the skis from the Jennewein workshop (by the way – best ski shop in St. Anton)  and i could not believe how light they were (2500 grams with binding). Just unbelievable. 10 Minutes later I met the clients, a little bit confused about my ski choice…..

Anyway, the early rise rocker changed ski touring in a new way. But Early rise rocker skies where horrible to walk in the spring time with a hard or frozen snow surface. Movement invented the early rise rocker and shovel and tail with out any carving shape. So the tip and the shovel where even touching the snow with a hard surface and the ski was not sliding any more.

Which binding to but on a ski which has just 1200 grams?

Well theres is no way around the Dynafit bindings or bindings with the same system.( I will write a article about ski touring bindings and off piste bindings in the next weeks :-) ) The Dynafit is light, very stable, super low standing and very good pivot point on the boot. The Dynafit binding system has not one disadvantage. Accept you need special boots for it.


Off piste performance Movement Bond X

….. For me the Movement Bond X Series combines ski performance, super light weight and torsion amazingly well. The ski floats very well even in deeper powder (up to 40 cm) and because of the early rise rocker I had super easy turning in all snow conditions and terrain. The “bouncy, bouncy” turn is the big strength of the ski. In short turning and turns with middle long radius the ski beats in terms of floating even wider normal off piste skis ( up to 90mm and more below the binding)


Conclusion ski test Movement Bond X Series 2013:

If the weather is good in St. Anton and we are going for little ski touring with skins or booting (up to 40 minutes) i pick the Movement Bond X Series. The advantage of the light ski in terms of walking is just unbelievable. Even in the fog with compact snow i would pic the Movement. Because the turning is very easy even in super slow speed. Which means very power saving!!!

This winter season 2013/14 i am going to choose this one :-) , i really look forward! :

You can read the first review in December 2013

Movement Response X

TIP-Light-Rocker10-Camber Ski-XSeries-Response

8 thoughts on “Ski test Movement Bond X- Series 2013 amazing weight, but how to ski?”

  1. Hello
    Great review!
    You mentioned the Movement Response X and that you will test it. Did this already happen? Because I’m really interested in it.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. I would not recommend to buy this Skis. My Movement Logic X (same as Movement Response X) broke apart after 30 Tours. Movement did not replace them and this not pay me back a dime… They are light and they are not bad to ride but buying a new pair of skis for almost 1000 USD every 30 tours requires a really fat wallet…

    • Hi PH, i am sorry that your ski broke after 30 days. But to be honest, you can break any ski after one day. I use the Bond X now since 60 days and when the fresh snow is less the 20 cm I use it even for off piste and freeride trips in St. Anton for me it became the every day working ski. All the best and more luck in the future with your skis, Franz

    • I got both the Random X and Logic X and have skied them heavily (30 to 60 tours total each season) for the last 4 years. No problem at all whatsoever. Great skis, great Quality, top notch.
      That’s all I can say regarding this matter…

  3. I got the movement respone x this season and i must say i really like it. The weight and easy turn with the light rocker are amazing.
    Though I broke it on the third (!!!) day using it!
    I went over a bump and unmounted. The ski broke just in front of the dynafit binding. Obviously it has ro be monted very carefully. It will be replaced though.

  4. I got the response x for this season and must say it has been a really good ski. Light, responsive and really good easy turning with the light rocker.
    Why ‘has been’? It broke on my 4th day (!!!) using it.
    Apparently the dealer who mounted my dynafit binding didn’t quite stick to the mounting instructions. It seems that this is a crucible part. My ski broke right at the screws of the front plate when i took a bump and fell.
    Fortunately the movement distributir i got this ski from will replace it, otherwise this would have been my most expensive ski ever….

  5. I´m the proud owner of a Movement Response X in length 178 mounted with a Dynafit TLT superlite binding. Boots are Dynafit PDG boots. Performance in powder is exceptional, on soft groomers fine, on hard slopes ok. In soft conditions the ski / binding / boot combo works nearly on the same level as my 3 year old combo Voelkl Nanuq, Dynafit TLT Speed and the Dynafit TLT 5. I feel no difference. On the way up I feel a difference, the response x together with the binding and boots plays in another league, absolutely stunning.

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